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The scraper for honeycomb frames cleaning

The scraper has been developed to facilitate the work in the beehive and the honey extraction. This product is the result of the company Miha Škoda s.p. development. Dealing with beekeeping, I had difficulties cleaning the frame. Combining the knowledge and creativity, I came up with a new tool, which helps me a lot when working with bees. The product itself is easy to use. It has an ergonomic handle made of a natural material, two cutting edges, is easy to clean and it fits into the pocket. With this product we ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the hive, allow better transition and greater efficiency of the bee colony. With the scraper we can also remove the resin from the frame which sticks to the wood. The product is highly recommended when working with beehives because the upper, usually waxed, part of the frame can be easily cleaned. The bees will be grateful and we will prevent the mashing of bees, honeycomb and honey where we are losing the abundance of the colony.


Before the cleaning:

After the cleaning :

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