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Weights for alloy wheels centering

New model weights for personal and combined vehicles 2021:

Length x Height x Width: 12,4 x 4 x 19
100 pieces / box: 35 €

The price includes the removal of waste weights.
Prices are final for the buyer and according to Article 94 of the Law on VAT, do not contain

If sent by post, the postage will be added to the price.

Our company is engaged in its own production and marketing of weights for centering aluminum wheels, as well as other vulcanizing materials. Weights are made from zinc (Zn) material, which is not controversial and does not burden the environment. Weights dimensials are: length 145 mm, height 4.5 mm and width 19 mm. One tile is composed of 12 X 5 g (60 g), 100 pcs in the box. This type of weight is suitable for all cars that have alloy wheels from 15 Col forward.

We have deliberately developed a slightly higher version of the weights, as the trend of the size of the wheels is increasing. Our weights are made of zinc material and about 50% of the recycled material is added in production. We named them GREENWEIT. At the customer's request, weights for centering the aluminium wheels can be painted to the desired colour (for example: black, silver, etc.). At the same time, we have been dealing with the waste weights of all kinds and producers. When submitting the waste weights, we will provide you with a record of waste disposal and ensure that the waste is handed over for further processing.



Since 2005 (Ur. l. RS No. 8/2005) the weights for centering wheels made of lead (Pb) material and its alloys have been considered hazardous and harmful for the environment. If you submit waste weights, you have a discount on the purchase of each 3kg weights box. Therefore you contribute to the separation of waste and conservation of nature.

Delivery and collection of waste weights

The acquisition and delivery of waste weights around Ljubljana region and Dolenjska region is free of charge.
Weights can also be sent by post.
If you purchase larger quantities we offer a discount.

By purchasing our weights you contribute to the promotion of the Slovenian economy and innovation. The biggest award for a manufacturer is the use of his products.

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