Collection of waste weights

At our collection center, we accept waste weights from tire service activities.

We can collect the waste weights either at your location or at the collection center. Upon collection, the waste weights are weighed.

Subsequently, the weights are sorted by material type, re-weighed, and based on this data, a waste record form is issued.

Why a waste record form?

The waste record form is a document that serves as proof that you have properly disposed of the waste for processing, destruction, or storage. It demonstrates your concern for nature and the environment.

Container for collecting waste weights

The collection of weights has been an unregulated area of waste management. These waste items were often mixed with other metal or municipal waste. As a result, the quality of recycled metals was compromised, and heavy metal contamination of groundwater occurred through leaching. Due to the presence of harmful heavy metals in these waste weights, we have decided to address this issue by introducing new containers specifically designed for their collection.

Our new product is dedicated to collecting waste weights. The container is designed to fit workshop conditions, with dimensions of D395 X W300 X H220.

We offer you a container for collecting waste weights, enabling you to join the network of companies that already collect such waste. The collection of these waste items is free of charge, the container is exchangeable, and the container itself costs €45.

By addressing this issue, we aim to contribute to the environmental improvement of service workshops.

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