Production process

Our company is engaged in the production and marketing of wheel balancing weights for aluminum wheels, as well as other tire-related materials. We manufacture the weights using zinc (Zn) material, which is environmentally friendly. The dimensions of the weights are: length 145mm, height 4.5mm, and width 19mm. Each strip consists of 12 X 5g (60g) weights, and there are 100 pieces in a box. This type of weight is suitable for all passenger vehicles with aluminum wheels from 15 inches and above. We have specifically developed a slightly higher version of the weights to accommodate the growing trend of larger wheel sizes. Our weights are made of zinc, with approximately 50% recycled material added during production. Upon customer request, we can also provide the wheel balancing weights in custom colors (e.g., black, silver, etc.).

Parallel to our manufacturing activities, we also offer collection services for various types and brands of waste weights. When you submit your waste weights, we provide a waste collection record and ensure that the waste is properly processed.

Proizvodni proces

Since 2005, according to the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 8/2005, wheel balancing weights made of lead (Pb) material and its alloys have been classified as hazardous waste that is harmful to the environment. When you submit your waste weights for processing, you will receive a credit towards the purchase of new weights for balancing alloy wheels. By disposing of your waste weights, you are eligible for a discount on every 3kg box of weights purchased. This contribution helps promote waste separation and environmental preservation.

Delivery and collection of waste weights:

Collection of waste weights in the Ljubljana region and Dolenjska, as well as personal delivery, are free of charge and can be arranged according to agreement. We can also send the weights to you by mail or as agreed with the customer. Discounts on bulk purchases are available upon agreement.

By choosing our weights, you contribute to the stimulation of the Slovenian economy and innovation. The greatest reward and desire for a manufacturer is to see their products being used.

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